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United States shipping...
Prices below include contiguous US shipping, assuming a single box.
If you are outside the contiguous US, or if everything does not fit in a single
small flat-rate box, I will contact you to pay the additional cost.

International shipping...
Due to frequent problems shipping electronics internationally, resulting in returned packages, I am no longer willing to ship internationally. If you place an order with a shipping address outside of the US you will find your order refunded without notice in a few days time. If you really want something, I suggest having it shipped to a family member in the US, who can then deal with restrictions not limited to customs, import fees/taxes, tracking, etc. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you are unsure, or need quantities that won't fit in a single small flat-rate box,
please make contact before ordering.

 - Some orders may require verification by email and/or phone prior to shipment
 - In-stock items ship within 3 to 5 business days of your order
 - All items are tested at the time of build, and tested again before shipment
 - 90-day warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

Any order also includes access to download many of my Windows apps
for free personal use.

   Wiremap terminators for Pockethernet:
  Built into RJ45 jacks
  Compatible with the very best network tester from

Wiremap terminator in a solid color: $22.55
      ...Will not test the shield, 8 wires only
      ...Includes a very short adapter (M-M, non-shielded, 1in.)
      ...Blue/White/Black are in-stock for immediate shipment!
Wiremap terminator in a translucent color: $24.70
      ...Will not test the shield, 8 wires only
      ...Includes a very short adapter (M-M, non-shielded, 1in.)
      ...Available in Red/Orange/Green/Blue
      ...Allow 1 week for assembly prior to shipment!
Wiremap terminator shielded version: $26.79
      ...Using shielded jacks wrapped in black shrink tubing
      ...You must use your own shielded patch cable+premises wiring
          with these in order to test continuity of the shield
      ...Allow 1 week for assembly prior to shipment!
Shielded jack saver: $19.85
      ...Not a terminator! Only a shielded jack (F) with a
          shielded plug (M) directly on the back
      ...Intended to save wear and tear on original equipment jacks
      ...Allow 1 week for assembly prior to shipment!
   PoE Work Light:
  Illuminate a dark closet, under desk/counter, or network cabinet
  20 LEDs bright, on/off switch, 3ft Ethernet cable included
  Magnetic base lets you relocate the light wherever you need it:
    - Side of a network rack   - Under a switch or server
    - Metal door frame           - Server rack door
  Available during a power outage assuming your PoE switch is on a UPS
  Requires Ethernet connection to your PoE switch or PoE injector
  3.25" tall by 4.0" wide (not incl. switch or Ethernet plug exiting sides)

PoE Work Light: $175.00
   LCD Display:
  Data and power connection to Windows PC via USB (6ft cord included)
  Fully customizable, 2 lines of text, update from command-line
  Color selectable model offers command-line changeable RGB value
  2.55" tall, 1.41" deep, 4.75" wide (not incl. USB plug exiting right side)

Blue backlight, white text: $155.00
Yellow backlight, black text: $155.00
Color selectable backlight, black text: $173.00
   Dual Monitor Audio Splitter Cable:
  Allows for left/right channel separation to just that
  one speaker in each monitor, shielded cable

Dual Monitor Audio Splitter Cable: $18.00
   Ethernet and Audio over single CAT5 adapter:
  Allows 10/100 Ethernet and stereo audio connection to another room
  Useful with Apple AirPort Express, Squeezebox, Sonos, and others
  Sold as a set of 2, requires your own Ethernet patch cables

CAT5 Audio Adapter: $26.00
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