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  Individual / K-12 school / 501(c)(3) nonprofit / Small business with 10 or less employees one copy of each app you need, and you are licensed to use that app on any computers
    owned or leased by your organization.
  All other entities multiple copies of each app you need, equal to the number of computers that will run it.
    Site license is also available, please make contact and include the total number of PCs.
  Students enrolled in a K-12 or higher education institution / Teachers of grades K-12
    ...request a free license of any app for your student/not-for-profit/non-commercial project.
Included with every purchase:
 - Access to download many Windows apps for individual/personal use
     Does not include access to [customized web-based app] products
 - Expert tech support by phone, email, or screen-sharing for 30 days
 - Free upgrades to the latest version for life
 - Discount on any customized build you may want in the future
There is never any activation, DRM, backdoors or usage statistics sent back to me.
No bundled software, no toolbars, no crapware included in any installer or app.
All files from this site are scanned by an enterprise anti-virus product.

Do not trust downloads from other sites, always download direct from this site.
I am the original author, and the only authentic licensor of these applications.

Remote support is only initiated over the phone, and using this same website domain,
any other remote access service should be regarded as suspect/fraud and reported immediately.

All licenses are subject to the Software License Agreement.
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Price reflects one-time software license; never any subscription/renewal fees.
Download email arrives minutes after order confirmation email.
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