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Provides a way to digitally record the video feed from AXIS 2100, 2120, 2400, 2401, 2420, 241S, 242S, 240Q, 241Q devices across a LAN or the Internet. Capable of retaining several weeks of snapshots (limitation based on available hard disk space). Includes a Monitor application to ensure everything is running smoothly, and a Downloader application that retrieves images from the AXIS video server or camera.

Often used to record retail store cameras or to provide time-lapse progress of construction sites.

Tested on Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003
A scripted install/uninstall is not included with this software.
Minimum of 256MB over the OS minimum memory specification is required.

For installations where several video servers/cameras are to be recorded, a machine with 7200RPM or faster hard disks and at least 1GB of memory is recommended. When using the included sample batch file (with xxcopy to delete old images) you should use two separate hard disks (not just separate partitions), a "system" disk for the Windows OS, monitor.exe, downloader.exe, and cleanup.bat to run from, and a "data" disk for the images to be saved to. Note that some RAID configurations may cause disk throughput to be slower, and thus cause more restarts of the downloader.exe application.


1) Ensure this prerequisite is installed: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 SP6 Run-time Components
2) Extract the contents of the .zip file to C:\PICHIST
3) Modify config.ini as indicated (see comments and sample lines within the file)
4) Run monitor.exe (downloader.exe will be launched in a minute or re-launched automatically)

View the default .ini file that's included.


Monitor displays the current status in the GUI and on a web page.
For example, if the server running the software is at then visit in a browser
or use 3rd party monitoring software to verify "Status: OK" is displayed on this page.

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