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Network Tools v1.5 Readme

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Network Tools runs from IIS (Microsoft's built-in web server) on a server OS.

The following tests are available...
  - Ping
  - PathPing
  - TraceRt
  - Open Port Check (any port number TCP and UDP)
  - NSLookup (DNS lookup)
  - MX + SPF Records (DNS lookup)
  - IP Info (Network owner, Origin AS, WHOIS, DNS - feed by a 3rd party with no usage/license requirement)
  - MAC Lookup (Ethernet, Bluetooth, Fibre Channel, Vendor - feed by a 3rd party with no usage/license requirement)
  - rDNS Record
  - SiteCheck (Reputation, virus/badware activity, other hosts - feed by a 3rd party with no usage/license requirement)
  - Bit-Flipped Variants
  - Site FQDN Dependencies (all other domains embedded/needed to load a site)

There is as a mobile-friendly view of all the tools as well. Note that unlike other public websites that perform some of these tests, because this is hosted inside your LAN, it's possible to reach internal IPs. Very useful for diagnosing firewall or other technical issues. The system can be backed up in real-time as flat files, there is no special database or agent required. All the pages are un-obfuscated ASP, which can be customized.

Tested on Windows Server 2008, 2012


The install and customization will be performed by staff, by appointment, using our secure remote support software. The remote support client is uninstalled/nothing left behind after use. The basic steps to setup a new site in IIS are...
1) Ensure the system that will serve this site has a static IP
2) Ensure that ASP and SSI are installed along with IIS
3) Create a folder for the site root, such as C:\inetpub\nt\
4) Extract the .zip provided after purchase to this folder
5) In the IIS Management console create a new site "nt"
6) Open the C:\inetpub\nt\global.asa file with notepad and read each configuration option


This web-based app requires purchase of an appropriate site license, please make contact,
and include the total number of IT/administrators who will use the site.
  - includes 2 hours of customization/setup for your environment
  - includes a WatchNRun license for the server
All files are subject to the Software License Agreement.

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