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Used in conjunction with the Velleman K8063 to display the number of items in a mailbox. Useful as a Vonage or VoIP voicemail indicator similar to a conventional answering machine display. Commonly used in an office/call center environment to display the number of emails waiting in a general mailbox or tech support queue.

Tested on Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003


1) Run pop3led-setup.exe and follow the wizard
2) Modify pop3led.ini as indicated below

.ini Settings:

Specify your POP3 server by name ( or IP (

Server port (normally 110)

Username of the mailbox you want to check (usually this is just the front part, before the @ sign, of the email address)

Password for the mailbox

Number of minutes between checking the mailbox

Serial port that the K8063 is connected to

Number of LED units (minimum of 1 / normally 2, which is one K8063 kit / maximum of 4, which is two K8063 kits)
Address of the 1st LED unit (from left to right looking at the front of the display, normally starting with 1)
This is useful if you have multiple instances of pop3led.exe (each in a unique working directory) driving different LED displays on the same serial port.

If "blank" then the number zero will not be displayed (LED segment off), if "0" then zero will be displayed.

Clicking anywhere on the GUI will check for messages immediately and update the displays.

Dragging the bottom of the GUI window down will expose a button to delete all messages in the mailbox.

On error, such as unable to contact the POP3 server specified, the GUI will display E and the 1st LED unit will display 3 horizontal lines. The server will be retried at the next interval.

Normally all messages in the mailbox are counted, but you can narrow down or filter the count by creating fromwords.txt and subjwords.txt in the working directory. Add search words or phrases, one per line, based on the email field you want. When these two files are present POP3LED will briefly display the total number of messages in the mailbox followed by the number of messages matching the criteria.

    To count only Vonage voicemail messages see:
 POP3LED, reset vonage

Due to the nature of the POP protocol, when checking an Exchange server based mailbox via POP all messages will appear as read in an Outlook client configured for Exchange or in OWA (webmail). One way around this is to create a second mailbox, just for POP3LED to check, and configure messages to forward from the primary mailbox to this second mailbox.

If you have multiple instances of pop3led.exe (each in a unique working directory) driving different LED displays on the same serial port, the Zero=blank setting will not keep effect, all units will display 0 as soon as another instance updates the displays. To avoid this you must use unique serial ports for each pop3led.exe instance.

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