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Where Am I ? v1.7 Readme

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Where Am I ? runs from IIS (Microsoft's built-in web server) either on a server, or direct from a tablet, or desktop with a touch-screen by the door (this is called the kiosk). It is suggested to place a kiosk by every entry/exit door for convenience and to remind end-users to checkin/out. Optionally, you can allow end-users to change their status by visiting a webpage on the LAN; from their own workstation, smartphone, etc. Otherwise, end-users can only view the status of everyone by visiting a webpage.

There is as an admin section, password protected, for adding/removing users and reviewing the logs. The system can be backed up in real-time as flat files, there is no special database or agent required. All the pages are un-obfuscated ASP, which can be customized.

If you have a IP security camera that supports .jpg request via http (any Axis camera supported) and it is watching the kiosk, you can also save a picture of the user as they change their status, this is an added protection to find someone that shared their PIN with another user and is having them checkin/out for them.

If you have multiple buildings, Where Am I ? supports up to 3 buildings by default, you can rename them as you wish, more or less buildings can be customized.
The number of end-users is unlimited and sorted alphabetically, the list refreshes every 30 seconds by default, or refresh on demand.

Multiple kiosks can be used, but they must each have a static IP. If you have multiple buildings or multiple doors with IP security cameras, the IIS site must be duplicated to bind to a unique URL (one for each kiosk), although the back-end data location can be configured the same across all instances.

Tested on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Server 2003, 2008, 2012


The install and customization will be performed by staff, by appointment, using our secure remote support software. The remote support client is uninstalled/nothing left behind after use. The basic steps to setup a new site in IIS are...
1) Ensure the system that will serve this site has a static IP
2) Ensure that ASP and SSI are installed along with IIS
3) Create a folder for the site root, such as C:\inetpub\whereami\
4) Extract the .zip provided after purchase to this folder
5) In the IIS Management console create a new site "whereami"
6) Open the C:\inetpub\whereami\global.asa file with notepad and read each configuration option


This web-based app requires purchase of an appropriate site license, please make contact,
and include the total number of end-users, total number of IT/administrators, and the total number of kiosks you will have.
  - includes 2 hours of customization/setup for your environment
  - includes a viewIT license for every kiosk you want to use with the system
All files are subject to the Software License Agreement.

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