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webcamOnTop  v5.4.0 [over 33,581 downloads]
   View your favorite webcam in a window that always stays on top.
Keep Running  v1.2.0 [over 17,443 downloads]
   Launch any 32-bit program and ensure it stays running.
Keep Running x64  v1.0.0 [over 356 downloads]
   Launch any 64-bit program and ensure it stays running.
EmptyPOP  v1.0.0.2 [over 1,138 downloads]
   Deliver 1 email, or none, from any POP request regardless of user credentials.
SWMon  v1.0.0.1 [over 1,152 downloads]
   Connects with a WebRelay, when the relay status changes run any application.
viewIT  v2.5.0 [over 6,871 downloads]
   Show web pages full-screen in timed succession.
SimpleHTTP  v3.0.0.3 [over 1,978 downloads]
   Speed up web surfing by answering the request for blocked content.
Consulting Time  v2.9.0 [over 3,188 downloads]
   Keep track of time on the phone or at the client site for easy billing.
WatchNRun  v1.0.0.1 [over 153 downloads]
   Run any program after a file gets created or modified.
CountLED  v2.0.0.0 [over 456 downloads]
   Update an LED display via command-line.
POP3LED  v1.1.0 [over 3,105 downloads]
   Show the number of items in a mailbox on an LED display.
Picture History  v5.0.0 [over 2,053 downloads]
   Save pictures from IP cameras at an interval you specify.
Where Am I ? [customized web-based app]
   Employee checkin/out display board...
    - access via smartphone, desktop, tablet, or "kiosk" by every entry/exit door
    - view live status, or enable checkin/out from any browser on the LAN
    - integrated logging and ability to save a snapshot from nearby IP camera
   ...use as an information display, safety compliance, or for time & attendance.
Fire! Map [customized web-based app]
   Exit map pops up automatically on every PC after fire alarm activation.
   Prevents staying behind to use the computer, blocks all Internet access.
   Used in secure buildings, in education, or other facilities with hearing or
   sensory deprived occupants.
Device Self-Registration [customized web-based app]
   Forces end-users/employees/staff members to register any device they connect to
   wired or wireless networks, before surfing the Internet. Allows sysadmins to track
   device usage, block a device, or block all future devices per user.
Network Tools [customized web-based app]
   12+ tools for sysadmins...
   - Entirely browser based and hosted inside your LAN
   - Access from any computer, smartphone, or tablet, tracert, open port check, MX/SPF/rDNS check, IP/MAC lookup & more.
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