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Consulting Time v2.9.0 Readme


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Allows you to keep track of time on the phone or at the client site for easy billing. Save records to a text file or as Microsoft Outlook calendar appointments.

Tested on Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, Windows 7


1) Run consult-setup.exe and follow the wizard
2) Click on the Consulting Time shortcut in the Start menu to launch


Give the timer a name (of a client or project) or select a previously used name from the drop down, then start the timer. Each start and stop time, as well as the total time is included on save. Click the disk icon to save to a text file or the Outlook icon to open a new calendar appointment.

Click the options icon in the lower right to set preferences such as:

Always on top
...the Consulting Time window will always be the top most window.
Warn for multiple timers
...prompts with a message box if more than one timer is started.
Disallow multiple timers
...stops a previously running timer if another is started.

Notify every XX minutes
...with a PC beep or by playing the referenced wave file.
Wave files should be located in the same working directory as the
program executable (usually C:\Program Files\Consulting Time\) and
typed in the field as: filename.wav

Options and window position are saved when the program is closed.
Minimizing sends the program to the system tray (lower right area down by the clock).

If you receive an error referencing comdlg32.ocx you can correct the problem by following these instructions.

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